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Form onmove
Form onmove

Form onmove

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Download Form onmove

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When the user modifies the position of a control element (see form controls) or a relative or absolute positioned element in an editable region, an onmove event

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How to capture the OnMove event for a Delphi form. Form OnMove event : Form Event « GUI Windows Form « C# / C Sharp. May 31, 2009 - Is there any event in C# that fires when the form STOPS being moved. Not while its Just set a flag to true when onmove events are fired.

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Is there really no event to be called, if a form is moved like TForm::OnMove()? Thanks, Michael. Back to top. HF Guest. Post Posted: Sat Feb 11, And it must be minimized/restored when the main form is minimised/restored. I use TForm.OnResize and this works fine. But what is missing is a OnMove andHow can I get an OnMove message for a UserControl? Mar 14 '07. Post Reply Windows.Forms; using System.Drawing; class Test : UserControl { static void Detect a moving form - Forms - Tips & Tricks - Greatis Delphi Pages. You must intercept WM_MOVE message. Implementation of this idea is so: type TForm1 The OnMove method also allows derived classes to handle the event without on the caption bar of the form. private void Form1_Move(object sender, System. Apr 15, 2010 - I have a Form which is overlayed on another form. It has to stay in the same relative position on the main form when this is resized and moved.

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